Lone Ranger

Travels Awakened

Travelers are a rare breed. Unlike a "gypsy", travelers are unseen, unnoticed and unappreciated by most. Many are seeking forth excitement, knowledge, or even purpose. They come and go, searching for answers. As pioneers traveled west, searching for new beginnings. They could only hope and imagine what they may discover in the promise land, "The Gold Coast".

Las Vegas; modern day gold mining for most. Temptation is seen in many ways. 

I too have found myself to become a traveler, in search for something more. Don't lose focus or be blinded by any temptation that may present itself. Embrace new challenges and difficulties, as they are new learning experiences. Focus on the growth and progression of life before our very own eyes. This can only lead to self progression; a power greater than most, an essential cog in our system. 

Promise lies ahead. Stay focused, reward may present itself. 

I can't recall of a pioneer traveling east, where most are entrapped in hibernation. For some reason I am a very rare breed, one who can say that I've found my main cog and have pushed myself to unseen limits in life. Giving up my entire gold coast to discover what lied ahead. This is a still a mystery to me; however, a journey to uncharted territories can only be seen as eye opening in many ways.