Gone In A Flash

Over my years in this industry, the photographer life is one with many avenues. You never know where an assignment will take you in life. My most recent assignment took me to the "World's Largest Corn Maze" which included a run/walk for participants. One of the fastest recorded times was close to 12 minutes. I believe the record was actually broke in seconds, but who am I to judge since no one was quick enough to catch the Flash except myself. 

Richardson Farms; World Champions Chicago Blackhawks CornMaze 2015; ©Sosaphoto2015

Richardson Farms; World Champions Chicago Blackhawks CornMaze 2015. 

Gone In A Flash! ©Sosaphoto2015

Some of the best experiences I get is meeting the people who come to these sort of magical places. For me it's about hearing those stories of why they came out that day and what makes memories like that so special to a family, a child or even from a dogs perspective. No matter the temperature (as cold as it got that day, close to low 30's) there's always a turnout. There's the rest of society who chooses to sleep in and dream a little longer; however, as a photographer I choose to take that reality we have in front of us and transcribe it to create a dream like look. Whoever missed out will feel right in place with the rest of the explorers from that day. No matter the subject, the character or place it's about recreating the dream so that each viewer is welcome to enjoy whatever endeavors they seek. 

Let's Go Run, All Community Events Family Portrait; ©Sosaphoto2015

Pre-Run and race featuring jogger and dog getting ready for festivites. ©Sosaphoto2015

Never Lose Sight

Each day we must go out to create our own stories. In some way we must leave our footprint in time, it's best to be remembered than forgotten. The ones that are remembered are only the ones that are forever moving forward. Some of us lose sight of this, just never forget it. 

2014 Cleveland Indians Ad Campaign, "Unfinished Business".

I had the pleasure of photographing Richard; a die hard Tribe fan for "Unfinished Business", his joyous personality and charisma really made the images Golden! The few words you can share with someone, can truly be more impactful than one imagines. Our world is vast and large, some of us are discoverers or wanders while others may just be fine with sitting back and watching the world Tick! 

UBS Corporate Headshots

UBS is one of the leaders in financial services. Once again, I had the opportunity of crossing paths with Richard one more time. Photographing corporate headshots high above Cleveland, watching the world below go round and round. As the saying goes; to each his own, who knows if Superman could be sitting right next to you. We each have different hobbies and interests, it's how you continue to grow after you've left your footprint. 

Forever A Pact

Marriage is more than a husband and a wife, it's a tying bond of unity and friendship.  We all need symbolism in our lives; just like a ring, it shows an everlasting bond for one another. When one is succeeding and striving all you can do as a spouse is support them. When one is down, the other is meant to pick the other one up and still support them; through dark times and bright times. This to me is the meaning of marriage. 

Gabe & Larissa; engagement underway forever showing the joy for one another.  

Gabe & Larissa; engagement underway forever showing the joy for one another.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Gabe and Larissa, a very fun loving couple. We spent a day around some of the most awe-inspiring spots around Cleveland Heights and Little Italy. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to demonstrate their developed alliance for one another.

An engagement is a tie between one another; however, we cannot let the tie blind us of our own hobbies and passions. As a forever growing bond you just have to show your individualistic qualities and interests. Use this to intrigue one another and show that each day is a new day; a day worth learning, worth striving to new plateau's only we can get to with the forever bond and friendship that is created amongst one another.