A Helping Hand

One of the things I love to do to get situated and acclimated in a new area is to try and give back anyway possible. One organization I found to help out was Colon Cancer Coalition; they were doing a 5k race/walk called "Get Your Rear In Gear!"

Cancer is a tough battle for anyone involved in it anyway. The key to beating Cancer is support and strength. This means the battle is also tough for the loved ones around us. Only high spirits and high hopes can overcome this obstacle in ones life. When I stepped into this event, I had no idea of the stories that I would leave with because of it. 

A family coming together in joy to embrace the memories they had of a beloved mother, sister and wife. 

Some people came together to embrace happiness of a loved one that was lost to the fight. I had the great pleasure of meeting this amazing group of family and friends of Natalie. Her daughters and son did the 5k along with the entire group, raising a large amount of money for Colon Cancer Awareness. Being touched by so many individuals I wanted to give back in a larger way that day, so I created this video. 

The biggest survivor I had met that day was Sharon Wells. Her and her husband Devin had created the event to gain awareness towards the community of Elgin, Illinois. I take it they succeeded by hitting their goal and more that day with a huge turn out. It was a personal pleasure to meet Sharon and hear her story of catching the cancer early and beating the odds, all with the support of her loving husband and 2 sons.